A miracle has occurred on Mt. Athos—the body of a deceased monk has been found to be without any signs of corruption and not emitting any foul smell, a month and a half after his repose.

The deceased monk Fr. Stephen labored in the skete of Kavsokalyvia for forty years.

Fr. Stephen led an ascetic life. In his cell he had no bed, no blankets, but slept on bare boards and ate sparingly.

The ascetic reposed in the seventy-fifth year of his life and was buried as a monk of the Great Lavra, to which Kavsokalyvia Skete is assigned.

The skete is widely known thanks to St. Porphyrios.

Kavsokalyvia skete consists of forty huts and is located south on the Athonite peninsula at a height of 395 feet above sea level. The name “Kavsokalyvia” is translated as “burning huts.” It is connected with the name of Venerable Maximos the Kavsokavlyvite, who would build huts for himself on these cliffs and after a while burn them.


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